The client’s health and safety is our primary concern, and we are doing our best to stop the spread of CoronaVirus. To provide uninterrupted and safe plumbing and electrical service we are obeying all the Covid-19 guidelines provided by the Australian government.

Good hygiene, social distancing and face-covering being the most crucial measures. We check the temperatures of our technicians and plumbers before they come to visit your property. Anyone with a temperature more than the acceptable range is prohibited from working. And they have to provide a negative report of the Covid-19 test to rejoin the work.

When visiting your place our team will practice

– Covering their mouth and nose with masks
– Social distancing from people as well as inanimate objects.
– Avoiding any physical contact whenever possible.
– Keeping a safe distance of 1.5m from others.
– Sanitizing their equipment and tools.
– Sanitizing and cleaning all the surfaces before and after the completion of work.

For the safety of our team we ask you to kindly adhere to these precautionary measures

– When making your reservation, inform us if someone in your household or neighbourhood is sick or has been tested positive for CoronaVirus.
– Keep the area to be serviced free from any of your household items before we arrive.
-Avoid visiting the same area where the team is working till we complete our work.
– Maintain a social distance of at least 1.5m between our staff, yourself, and other inhabitants of our home, including children and wear masks during our visits.
– Sanitize your furniture and other items after we leave your house. Ballarat Emergency Plumbing and Electrical is prepared and equipped with safety supplies to offer its services during these difficult times of pandemic.  Keep yourself updated with Covid-19 guidelines/advisory


Duct Cleaning

About Duct Cleaning

All modern homes and buildings are fitted with an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system to streamline the supply of air. These vents or air ducts in this equipment is prone to external and internal contaminants. If left untreated, these particles can cause severe damage to people and property.

BEPE, the leading plumbing and electrical service provider in the city, offers periodic maintenance and cleaning solutions. Our years of expertise in the sector provide us with the technical advantage to handle all kinds of the HVAC system. We have an extensive team of skilled professionals who respond to customer queries and complaints.

We have initiated the annual maintenance program to help clients maintain the health of their HVAC systems. This is an essential service for building with centralised systems as it could compromise the health and wellness of the inhabitants. We deliver quality services with minimal interruptions and competitive prices.

We offer round the clock support to help clients avail of duct-cleaning services without disruptions in their regular work schedule. Call us and book an appointment with our representative regarding plumbing and electrical solutions.

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