Plumbing Tools and Equipment: Everything You Need to Know

Every homeowner must have the basic plumbing tools and emergency plumbing services Ballarat that are helpful during plumbing emergencies. Most basic plumbing problems can be resolved with the help tools and do not require the help of professional plumbers.

Using the right tools for the right problem is essential for a smooth repair. We’ll be talking about the essential tools that every homeowner must have to solve basic plumbing problems and also discuss why they are so important. Before we dive into the basic tools let us understand the different types of tools and their use.

Types of tools

There are several types of tools based on their application.

  • Hand tools Hand tools are operated manually and are essential for solving various plumbing problems that are common in every household. They are used by emergency plumbing services Ballarat which enables them to save you and your family from a plumbing disaster. Examples of hand tools are wrenches, pliers, and pipe cutters. Wrenches are useful for tightening and losing nuts as well as bolts and pliers provide a good grip for holding and changing the damaged or faulty parts easily.
  • Power Tools Power tools fall in the category of electricity or battery –operated tools that are efficient and save time. Examples of power tools include drills, threaders and drain snakes. Power drills are commonly used for drilling holes into various materials to put screws and other equipment.

Drain snakes are used to clear any clogs and obstructions in the pipe as pipe threaders help in creating threaded connections for pipes. Emergency plumbing services Ballarat have access to professional tools and expert means which can help you tackle emergency plumbing situations.

  • Specialized Tools  Specialized tools are designed for specific plumbing problems and might be a little more expensive than other commonly available tools. Some examples of specialized tools are pipe cameras, hydro jetters and leak detectors. To inspect the insides of a pipe to check faults and cracks, a pipe camera is an efficient tool.

Hydro jetters are equipped with high pressure water that uses streams to clean blockages that are stubborn and cannot be cleaned with any other method. Specialized leak detectors are used to identify the exact place where there is a leakage and helps in preventing water damage. Most emergency plumbing services Ballarat have access to specialized tools which is more practical as some specialized tools are made for specific problems.

Now that we understand the types of tools and their uses let us understand which are the essential tools that a houseowner must have.

7 Must-have tools for homeowners

There are several tools that professional plumbers have but having all of them might not be practical as some of these tools have very specific applications. Here is a list of the general tools that a homeowner must have to tackle simple plumbing problems.

  1. Tubing Cutter - This tool is used to cut plastic tubes according to the required length. Each tube cutter has its own cutting range and cannot cut tubes of all sizes. Although most emergency plumbing services Ballarat have this readily accessible you can consider getting one for your own plumbing tool set as it is one of the most basic tools.
  2. Hacksaw - Hacksaws have similar implications like that of tube cutter but instead of tubes they are used to cut through metal such as nuts, bolts, metal pipes and screws. Since cutting through metal causes wear and tear, keep spare blades handy.
  3. Hole saw kit - A hole saw kit has very specific implications. It is used to cut identical holes in different types of materials.
  4. Pliers - Pliers are a necessity when it comes to plumbing. Every plumber uses pliers to tighten and loosen nuts which cannot be grabbed by wrenches. Plier is the most basic equipment used in plumbing and all emergency service Ballarat, it is a multipurpose tool and is not just used for plumbing.
  5. Goggles - Safety must be your topmost priority, make sure your eyes are protected from hazardous materials that you could come in contact with your eyes.
  6. Gloves - Gloves are one of the most essential tools that a homeowner must have. Gloves allow you to have a string grip while not staining your hands with hazardous liquid.
  7. Plunger - This tool is used to clear blockage in drains. It creates suction which helps in cleaning blockage in drains and forces the blockage to get out from the other side.

Now that we’ve discussed the important tools that a houseowner must have during plumbing emergencies, let us discuss the importance of using the right tools and equipment.

What is the importance of using the right equipment and tools for plumbing?

There are several advantages of using the right tool after recognizing the root problem. Let us discuss some of the important ones to understand how emergency plumbing services Ballarat manage plumbing emergencies effortlessly.

 1. Improved efficiency and accuracy 

Using the right tools and equipment enhances the efficiency of your work and also helps in saving time which would otherwise be utilized in doing it yourself. Specific tools are designed to solve specific problems and with the help of the right tools and equipment, you can work faster and more efficiently.

With the help of the right tools and equipment you can cut precise holes and cuts to make sure that you work efficiently with accuracy.

2. Safety and reliability

Reliable and good quality tools ensure the safety of the emergency plumbing services Ballarat or the person using the tools. Well-maintained and good quality tools ensure that the risk of getting injured or making mistakes is minimized. High quality tools are less prone to malfunctions and are safer to be used by someone who might not have professional experience.

3. Save Money

Investing in the right tools can help you in minimizing the money that you would spend on repairing or paying for a pluming service for maintenance. With the help of regular maintenance and repair you can reduce the chances of frequent repairs and save on long-term repairs.

What are you waiting for?

By now you must be proficient with the names of the tools that can save you time and money when you encounter a plumbing emergency services Ballarat. Now you have a better understanding of the advantages and the benefits of having the right knowledge of tools and equipment during a plumbing emergency.

Consider the investment in the right tool as a way of learning basic plumbing skills as well as saving money on the frequent plumbing visits that you might have to book if you have little to no knowledge about fixing faulty or leaking pipes.