Signs Your Sewer is Blocked

The sewer system is very crucial for any building’s plumbing, it helps carry wastewater out of the building. The sewer can get blocked because of something invading the path of the water, which will give way to a lot of different plumbing issues. Foul smell, overflowing water, pipe leakage, and inability to use that facility are some of the issues you might face because of sewer blockage.

The situation can get even worse if the issue goes unnoticed, these are a few signs you need to keep an eye on, to detect sewer blockage:

  • Foul sewer smell

Sewer smell is confined in the pipelines only, but if you are getting a whiff of that foul smell then it’s possible that there is some blockage or leakage in the sewer pipes. Due to blockage, the waste gets deposited at one place which eventually generates a foul smell. To clear a blockage in drains, you can use home remedies that work wonders. But for a blockage at the sewer level, you will need an experienced plumber’s assistance. Plumbers at BEPE can perform CCTV inspections to carry out the right plumbing solution for clearing the sewer blockage.

  • Recurring clogged drains

If your drains require frequent declogging, then the real issue might be something else. Recurring clogs are a sign of sewer blockage, and it needs an expert plumber’s attention. By clearing the drains multiple times you are only resolving the issue for a few days as the actual blockage is getting ignored. Stop ignoring these signs of blockage so that you won’t face a bigger sewage issue.

  • Water backing up from drains

Water backing up from toilets and drains reflects a blockage in the pipelines. Invading tree roots or an object flushed through the toilet can block everything passing through the pipeline, and water will search for a path to go and start backing up from the drains or the toilet. A blockage in the toilet can be fixed by simply using a plunger, and pulling the blocking object out. But if the blockage is deeper in the pipeline, a professional plumber’s help is needed. The BEPE plumbers use CCTV inspection to detect the cause of blockage in the sewer.

  • Multiple plumbing fixtures are blocked

If the fixtures at your property are getting clogged at the same time then the problem is with the main pipeline. A clogged sewer line will block all other drain/fixtures because there is no outlet for the water. You can check for the blocked fixtures, and see if one of them starts backing up water by turning on the other.


Call the experts at Ballarat Emergency Plumbing & Electricity, and get all these issues resolved in one go. Never ignore such direct signs of blockage or the problem will just keep getting bigger and bigger. And ignoring this will cost you a lot more than the original expenses. We are the emergency plumber in Melbourne and offer same-day emergency plumbing service.