The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies In Ballarat

A Plumbing Emergency Service is the one item that stops your home completely. Whether it's a broken kitchen sink, a burst pipe, or a blocked toilet, piping issues may drastically disrupt your daily routine and end up costing you a tone of money in the long run with pricey restorations or structural problems. However, you don't have to wait until the water steadily approaches your ankles before taking any action. Since prevention is always preferable to treatment, we'll teach you how to be ready for the worst-case scenario.

Here are the top emergency plumbing problems from BEPE Plumbing and Electrical Services to watch out for, as well as how to fix them or, better yet, avoid them altogether.


What Emergencies Affect Plumbing the Most Frequently?

The most frequent issues are frequently related to your usage. A busy household with several daily shower users is more likely to experience showerhead or hot water issues than a home with only one or two residents. Therefore, even though the term "common" is ultimately arbitrary, these are the call-outs that our Ballarat clients make the most frequently.


Toilet that is overflowing, clogged, or blocked

You don't want to find yourself in an emergency situation involving a clogged or overflowing toilet. You're certain to run into a problem once in a while because the toilet is one of the most used and often broken appliances in your house.

The positive news: It's a rather simple repair if you don't just ignore the issue (or continually flush it in the hopes of obtaining a better outcome).

If the issue is evident and not likely to become worse with a little do-it-yourself effort, you only want to make sure you fix it yourself or call a professional as soon as you can. You may avoid wastewater damage and other pricey issues by doing this. However, if this issue persists frequently, we advise getting in touch with a member of our staff for prompt and helpful assistance.


Damaged, burst, or ruptured pipes

A busted pipe is a nightmare. This often occurs when there is excessive water pressure, which can damage a pipe's junction and lead to a failure or burst. However, it may also occur simply as a result of your pipe being old or rusty. A burst pipe can have serious implications, including extensive water damage, electrical concerns, and, in certain circumstances, structural problems. How can you prevent having to deal with this plumbing crisis?

You might check your pipes to determine if there are any underlying problems first. Keep an eye out for the pop that occurs when the pipe actually breaks. You may also notice other warning signals right away, such as water damage, low water pressure, sagging walls, or other issues, by keeping an eye out for these indicators.

It's preferable to hire professionals if you're concerned that your pipes may have been damaged. We can inspect your house for damage behind the walls using a variety of cutting-edge techniques and technologies, saving you the tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs that would otherwise be incurred.


Drain that is blocked, clogged, or overflowing

A clogged sink or tub drain brought on by too much hair, product, or foreign objects may be a big annoyance, even though it's not generally the worst thing that can happen. The fact that the issue might begin as a minor drainage issue before developing into a major blockage means that it can take some time for you to identify this plumbing disaster.

The good news is that you can use a variety of devices available on the market, such as a drain stake, a plunger, or chemical drain cleaning, to try to solve the issue on your own.

If none of this help, you may have a more serious issue that has to be fixed by expert clogged drain services.


Reversed sewer pipes

Have you ever noticed foul odours emanating from your sink or other drains all of a sudden? You can then have a sewage backup.

This occurs when the sewers themselves back up, causing the wastewater that was intended to leave your home to abruptly start flowing back in its original direction. And given the potential health dangers associated with sewage backup, this may be a major disaster. Call your plumber right away if you detect any unpleasant odors' or any other indications of a backlog, such as brown water or worse (and make sure to use some bleach to clean the area after).


Ice-cold or no hot water in the showers

Do you ever find yourself taking an uncomfortable and unexpectedly chilly shower? Have you noticed that the scent in your water is off? Then your water heater can be damaged.

A faulty hot water heater not only results in a cold shower, but it can also create leaks if water seeps from the tank. Regular water heater maintenance will help you avoid this problem, and you should contact a plumber from BEPE Plumbing and Electrical Services as soon as you start to experience temperature or pressure problems.


How to Diagnose Your Own Piping Issues with a DIY Hack

We meant it when we said that prevention is preferable to treatment! You can identify your own plumbing concerns and save money on call-outs and maintenance by using a few straightforward DIY tricks.

Many little indications of a pipe problem, such as decreased water pressure, water that is slightly discoloured, minor indications of water damage (such as a bulging or twisted flow), or poor drainage, may go unnoticed for a while. This may eventually cause a minor problem to develop into a major plumbing disaster.

We advise creating a weekly checklist to check for damage in your laundry, kitchen, and bathroom. You'll become more adept at seeing warning signals of problems before things spiral out of control when you pay close attention to what's happening.


What should you do first to avoid a plumbing emergency?

Maintenance! Problems won't go unnoticed for very long if you hire plumbers to inspect your pipes, water heater, and fixtures at least once a year. Additionally, be certain to:

  • Do not flush sanitary items, toilet paper, or other foreign things down the drain or into the toilet.
  • Pay attention to any early warning indications of a larger issue.
  • Make it a practice to regularly check your water bill or meter for unforeseen increases.

Also keep in mind that you may schedule an appointment online with BEPE Plumbing and Electrical Services and contact us whenever you have questions or concerns.