What is a drain cleaning service

Your plumbing system will be brought to a standstill by drain blockages and wastewater backups. You need a local plumber you can trust whenever you require drain cleaning service—you need the pros at BEPE! We offer the best downpipes repairs in Ballarat.


Here's what to anticipate when you call us for drain inspection in Ballarat, as well as what you can do to prepare.


Drains that are clogged are not just inconvenient; they may also be hazardous to your health and cause property damage if left unattended. While using a plunger to unclog a blocked drain is a helpful first step for any homeowner, if plunging fails, it's time to call a professional drain cleaning service for drain inspection in Ballarat.


Your local drain cleaning services business has the skills and knowledge to rapidly identify the source of any plumbing system obstruction and remove it without endangering your drain pipe or residence. Professional drain inspection in Ballarat will not only fix your problem in the near term but will also leave you with cleaner, healthier drains that will operate better in the long run.




We'll welcome you with a pleasant, professional greeting and put on shoe coverings before entering your property if you contact us for a professional drain cleaning service. After that, we'll:


Pose the following questions: We'll ask a number of questions to learn more about the history of your property and plumbing system, such as if you've ever had drain or plumbing problems and, if so, what they were.


Establish a defined service agenda in advance: This is done so that you are completely aware of the diagnostic procedure, drain cleaning service, and camera inspection.


Perform diagnostics: We'll evaluate the location of any backups and test your plumbing fittings. This stage assists us in determining which equipment is most appropriate for the task at hand.


Set up for service: We'll lay down drop cloths to safeguard your home once we've established clear access to the service area.


Start the drain cleaning machine: Now the cleaning begins! Our equipment will empty the sewer pipe of any remaining sewage. If we suspect the blockage is outside or the line cannot be cleaned, we'll propose a camera examination right away to assess the severity of the situation.


  • Once the sewage has been emptied from the sewer line, we will test the flow of various fixtures at the same time.
  • After cleaning your drains and freeing your sewage line, we'll do a last-camera check to determine the source of the clog. This may reveal damaged or broken sewage pipes, in which case our plumber may advise sewer line repair or replacement (so you don't have to deal with drain problems any longer).
  • A typical drain cleaning job takes between one and two hours to complete.
  • If we uncover sewage line damage during your drain cleaning service that necessitates excavation and replacement, we'll work with you to arrange the sewer line replacement service.
  • A typical drain cleaning job takes between one and two hours to complete.
  • If we uncover sewage line damage during your drain cleaning service that necessitates excavation and replacement, we'll work with you to arrange the sewer line replacement service. 




Here are some things you can do before a plumber arrives to your house to clean your drains so that the job runs as smoothly as possible:


  • Make sure there's a clear passage from the front door to the access point: it should be at least 3 feet wide to accommodate our drain-cleaning equipment.
  • Remove personal objects from the area surrounding the afflicted fixtures and access point: The plumber will need easy access to these locations, so remove personal belongings. For example, things that are causing backups under sinks should be removed.
  • Remove sewage waste: If there are several inches of sewage in the work area, contact a cleanup firm before your plumber comes to have it removed. If the entry point is buried in sewage, the plumber may not be able to identify and remedy the problems.
  • Keep in mind that drain cleaning isn't always the best option: In reality, drain cleaning will not be a long-term solution if you have a broken pipe or if your sewer system is overburdened. Defects that affect sewage flow progress over time, eventually leading to full sewer system collapse. Similarly, persistent overuse of sewer systems will result in constant backups, as well as pipe corrosion and faults.




BEPE skilled plumbers are ready to deliver quick and effective drain cleaning services. We're the crew you can always depend on, whether you're dealing with your first severe blockage or you're experiencing sewage line backups on a regular basis.


To book a drain inspection in Ballarat, call 0408342300 or send us an email.


BEPE is pleased to present:


  • Estimates and pricing upfront
  • Drain and sewer issues need quick reaction times.
  • There are no additional charges for after-hours or emergency service.
  • Service of the greatest caliber and solutions of the highest caliber!