Why is my toilet flushing slow?

Is your toilet flushing slower than usual? It’s not just you; all toilets need maintenance when used regularly. Toilet maintenance might be the last thing on your priority list, but even the slightest malfunction can cause a major inconvenience. Slow flushing toilets is a common phenomenon that all house owners and tenants experience, but what exactly is the cause?

Luckily, you do not have to worry as Downpipes Repairs Ballarat has expert plumbers who can fix all your toilet-related problems. Before we understand what the cause of your slow-flushing toilet could be, it is essential to understand how the flushing mechanism works.

Understanding how flush works

When you hit the flush button on your toilet, it triggers an influx of water from the water tank to the toilet bowl. The speed at which the water travels from the tank to the bowl creates suction, which completes the action of flushing. Over time, the speed of the water becomes slower, making the flush less effective and often not completing the task with one flush.

For the smooth functioning of your toilet, all mechanisms must work properly, even the slightest damage can disrupt or slow down the process of flushing. There are four potential reasons responsible for a slow flushing toilet, the most common ones are discussed below, although there could be exceptions if you flush suspicious things down your toilet.

How to fix your slow flushing toilet?

Here are the potential reasons why your toilet could be flushing slowly

Decrease in water level of the tank

This is one of the most common causes that affect the flushing speed of your toilet. The recommended water level of the flushing tank must be half an inch below the overflow pipe. This directly affects the flushing speed as the water level affects the force of flushing which is required to empty the contents in the bowl.

Clogged drain

Clogging of toilets is easy to spot as it is common, but a partially clogged toilet can be hard to identify as the toilet still functions but with less efficiency. To identify a partially clogged toilet, pour a gallon of water into your toilet and notice the water level in the bowl. If the water level rises quickly, then it is certain that there is something clogged in your pipeline.

Most of us are familiar with using a plunger, but partial clogging is harder to fix. Blocked drain plumbers Ballarat can help you if using a plunger is not your expertise. This happens usually when things like wipes, kid’s toys, floss, etc. are flushed in the toilet.

Mineral build-up around jet holes

If you’ve checked your tank and pipelines, then the problem may be caused by mineral deposits along the rim of your toilet. Each time you flush your toilet, minerals gather around the jet holes and decrease the pressure, making the flush less powerful.

You can fix this problem by regularly cleaning the jet holes of your toilet with mineral removers and metal tools. If you think you’re not the right fit to clean your jet holes properly and get your flush working effectively, you can rely on downpipe repairs in Ballarat.

Worn out or fault in flapper valve

The flapper valve is the stopper on the bottom of the toilet tank made of rubber that covers the passage leading to the toilet bowl. When you hit the flush, you lift the flapper, uncovering the passage through which the water reaches the bowl.

Flapper valves undergo wear and tear over time and become less efficient. Lift the cover of your tank and check if the flapper is functioning correctly. You can replace the flapper on your own if you’re a DIYer or contact blocked drain Plumbers Ballarat.

Blocked Vents

A pipe linked to your plumbing vent is responsible for replacing the air that gets flushed down the drain. This pipe generally has a roof mounted outlet and often gets clogged with leaves, debris and or other natural wastes. This makes the toilet produce weird gurgling sounds along with an unpleasant smell every time you flush. Cleaning vents is not something you might want to do yourself as it involves going on the roof, rather you could hire a professional like blocked drain plumbers Ballarat.

Do’s for your toilet maintenance

There could be many reasons for a toilet flush to not function properly, but there are certain habits that you can follow to keep things running smoothly:

  • Pouring hot water down your drain- This is an effective method to easily unclog your drains. Avoid this if your toilet is made of porcelain, as the heat may crack the surface of the toilet. Another alternative for unclogging drains is using dish detergent and leaving it for 10 minutes.
  • Regular cleaning- Regular cleaning can help in avoiding mineral deposits, which happen over time and often slow the flush.
  • Switch to biodegradable toilet paper- Replace your usual toilet paper with biodegradable material such as bamboo, kenaf, hemp, and sugar cane, which dissolve easily in water.
  • Timely maintenance- Repair or call for a plumber as soon as you see a malfunction, as delaying a mechanical fault can cause an inconvenience soon.
  • Conduct maintenance periodically- Ideally, you must conduct toilet inspections twice a year to ensure everything is running smoothly. This will help you determine if you need any replacements or repairs before the situation escalates and becomes an emergency plumbing situation.

Fix your faulty toilet today

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